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Air Conditioner Installation in Havana, IL 62644

“What I was expecting to happen finally happened, the death of one of my HVAC systems. You see, I have two complete systems, one for the upper level of the house, and one for the main level and basement of the house. I had Accu-Air come out to inspect both systems, and the system for the main part of the house was basically on its last breath. As I mentioned, I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later. Mike and his entire crew were absolutely wonderful. Mike came to my home and surveyed what was needed to provide my home with the best system possible. The previous unit was "Too Much Unit" for my home, in other words, it was more than I needed. Mike made sure that the system that he was going to install, would meet the needs of my home and my family. I was given three estimates for the entire HVAC system, and a plethora of additional items that I wanted to complete, or that needed to be done. The system I selected even came with an incentive from my power company, and guess what, Mike filled out all the paperwork and saved me $800.00.

Below is a list all the things that Accu-Air did during their time at home home…
– Installed a new Bryant AC unit
– Installed a new Bryant furnace
– Installed a new WiFi thermostat
– Installed a new whole house humidifier system
– Ran a duct with damper to a bedroom in the basement
– Installed a new condensate pump
– Corrected an issue with my water heater gas supply line
– Corrected an issue with my basement fireplace chimney exhaust
(I hope I haven't missed anything)!)
– One more thing, I signed up for the maintenance program that Accu-Air offers, they will come out in the spring and inspect and clean my AC systems, and again in the Fall to inspect and clean my furnaces.

As you can see, the Accu-Air team did a lot of work. All the while making sure that my my floors and carpets were well protected. The workers were very professional, and easy to work with. They treated my home with respect and when they left, you couldn't tell that they were even there, except for the newly installed equipment. I have nothing but praise for Mike and his Accu-Air team, and I would highly recommend them for your HVAC system needs. Give them a call, you will not be sorry that you did!”

– Michael S.